"Reflections From The Heart"
By M.L. Ursetta | The Lyrics Of Life

This is a First Edition Collectible Book. It was Designed and Printed in Hawaii. Mary L. Ursetta, Hawaii based author, has written an Island inspired book of verses enhanced with photographs that will enrich your life with wisdom. Browse our website for further details of this poet.
For special offers contact the Author directly at :       info@marylursetta.com

Leave a piece of paradise on your coffee table, and allow your guests to enjoy the Wisdom and Spirit of Aloha with Reflections From The Heart.

HONOLULU MAGAZINE June Issue shines spotlight on the last two specialty book stores in Honolulu. Mary is fortunate to have had her gift book in both stores.
Mary is currently working on her second book, please visit her on facebook profile, enjoy the beauty of The Islands and connect with her directly if you would like to purchase "Refection's From the Heart".

About the Author

Mary fell in love with Hawaii after her first visit and knew there would always be inspirations to write. She is a member of BAMO which supports the annual Hawaii Book & Music Festival. Her inspirational writing and photography motivates one to see the possibilities in their future endeavors and dreams.

You can also find Mary at Hawaii Health & Wellness Magazine. Mary Ursetta uses her writing to express feelings and emotions as she describes snapshots of life enhanced by photography. Her dream came true when she released Reflections From The Heart. Subtitled, The Lyrics of Life. This is a First Edition Collectible Book. Take advantage of your opportunity to purchase this unique gift.

  Only $14.95 

If you are in the Honolulu area, please visit all the beautiful and historical sites. You will be pleasantly transported into paradise.

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